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Alde AA Battery Backup
Alde 3020 Compact HE Combi Boilers
Alde 3020 Compact HE Combi Boilers
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Alde Air Intake Flue Hose
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Alde Circulation Pump 12 V
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Go further with the Alde 3020 Compact HE Central heating and hot water systems

We didn't invent heating, we perfected it

It's estimated that over 93% of British homes use radiant, hydronic central heating. Your caravan, motorhome or boat is your home away from home, so why compromise your lifestyle?

Only Alde provides radiant, hydronic central heating and hot water in one system, on gas and/or electric. That's because Alde has over 60 years of heating knowledge and expertise, gained in some of the most extreme weather conditions on Earth.

When you're camping north of the Arctic Circle, in temperatures down to -35 °C, your heating, its performance and reliability, are life or death.

The Alde system can combine all aluminium skirting heating, underfloor heating and panel radiators, for state of art, lightweight comfort and economy. It can be integrated with A/C units for full climate control, and with calorifiers for practically unlimited hot water.

So when you're in the market for a new vehicle, check out what heating it has. Maybe it has blown air heating, maybe it has cheap hydronic heating, but does it have Alde heating?

When it comes to keeping you warm and happy, no-one does it better than Alde.

All weather. All seasons. All day.

Central heating and hot water

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Alde central heating and hot water systems are fitted into boats, caravans, motorhomes and welfare units across the world, and have been made in Sweden since 1949.

The Alde 3020 Compact HE combi boiler is heating technology designed for the fresh challenges and rigours of 2015. It's more powerful, more intelligent and more economical than ever before, yet it still delivers the unparalleled comfort Alde systems are renowned for.

Air circulation diagram

The 3020 Compact is a hydronic central heating and hot water system based on the same principles as that found in a modern home. It's powered by gas (LPG) and/or electricity (230 V), with an optional engine heat exchanger for motor vehicles.

The convectors and radiators in the heating circuit are located around the perimeter, drawing cool air from floor height, heating it so that it rises to ceiling height. The air flows downwards as it cools, is drawn in and heated again, creating air circulation. Vents in the floor and roof keep the air refreshed.

As part of a well-designed heating circuit, the 3020 Compact boiler will create a pleasant sense of natural warmth in your living space, with no hot or cold zones.

What does Alde central heating mean for your comfort?

  • Pleasant, natural warmth throughout the living space
  • Gentle air circulation, little dust disturbed
  • Aired internal walls and behind furniture
  • No cold pockets around windows and doors
  • Extremely quiet, nearly silent heating (no blowers or diesel generator)
  • Programmable controls
  • 93% efficiency SEDBUK-based
Alde 3010 Compact cutaway diagram

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König Kunde Award

1st Platz König Kunde Award 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Reisemobil International is the most popular motorhome magazine in Germany and in 2009 they voted Alde as the heating system they were most satisfied with.

Reisemobil readers have now voted Alde as the heating system they are most satisfied with for seven years running, also achieving 1st Platz in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015!!

König Kunde Award

CaravanTimes Accessory of the Year 2014

CaravanTimes is a popular independent caravan and motorhome news site. In their 2014 reader's poll, Alde was voted the best accessory on the market with an astounding 46% of the vote!


Frequently asked questions about the Alde Compact boilers.


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